carbon neutral

we are carbon neutral…

We have been working hard at Insignia Creative to reduce our carbon footprint and make Insignia Creative carbon neutral.

As part of the carbon offsetting journey we have put a plan in place to help further offset our carbon footprint by planting trees every month.

projects we are helping

Working with THG (more:trees) we are confident that tree planting projects are properly researched and looked after.

THG ensures global tree planting partners utilise local experts to plant the right trees, in the right locations, in the right conditions – using their expertise to navigate any challenges along the way. This enables us to be confident that any trees are planted for ultimate growth and CO2 sequestration. Current projects Insignia Creative are helping includes sites in:


Planting a variety of native mangrove trees to help water supplies, reduce flooding, and reignite the local economy.


Reforesting areas with dry deciduous forest to restore natural habitats and reduce the effects of climate change.


Planting a selection of indigenous agroforestry trees in poverty-stricken areas to enhance food security and provide incomes.

carbon neutral and beyond…

Insignia Creative has a very small carbon footprint thanks to our present working practices but we are still producing just over 9 tonnes of carbon a year. Whilst working to reduce our footprint even more we have implemented a plan to make us carbon neutral by offsetting our carbon using carbon credits.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now carbon neutral and our carbon offsetting certificate can be seen here:

Carbon Certificate 2023
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