Photography for Paignton hotel

Hotel Photo Shoot

We are very pleased to be working with The Redcliffe Hotel in Paignton and helping them with their marketing and gaining greater exposure for this beautiful hotel.

Redcliffe hotel, Paignton

We were asked to help with photographing the newly refurbished bedrooms in the hotel as well as some of the resturant and common areas and we immediately introduced them to Tony Cobley who we have worked with on several photo shoots for our customers.

Tony has produced some fantatsic results in the past for our customers and he did not disappoint this time and we were on hand all day to help set up equipment and give some artisitic guidance so that The Redcliffe Hotel got the best shots possible.

Other Services

We have been building an email database for them from their existing data and started to produce monthly email newsletters which are gaining grewat feedback.

Alonside this we have also moved their email system from an old aol style email to one that uses their Redcliffe Hotel domain name, this looks much more professional and is more user friendly.

As well as sorting their email we have linked them through the Google Apps suite which allows them to access emails from anywhere and has opened up

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