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Insignia Creative ‘International Digital Marketing’

Torquay based website design and marketing company Insignia Creative has been hand picked and recognised as an international website provider, offering advice to UK companies on the best ways to market themselves abroad.
Cultural differences in how nationalities react to design, search engines and social platforms used and behavioural differences are just some of the digital skills Insignia Creative is passing on to clients after directors Peter Blackler and Richard Netherclift underwent specialist training from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  
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“We were suggested for the programme by Steve Southcott who is an international trade adviser with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI),” explained Richard. “It’s another accolade for us and means that we can expect potential referrals to businesses engaged with UK Trade & Investment to help us to work with global companies.
“We’ve already started working with several new clients, developing their websites with overseas customers in mind and some of our existing clients are also benefiting.”
And he added that other differences in international websites could include multi-currency options, advanced payment and delivery mechanisms and text translation.
“ UKTI has far reaching growth targets for UK exports by the end of the decade and one of the key enablers is making sure UK websites are empowered to compete in world markets,” added Peter. “We were chosen to be part of the flagship programme because of our existing experience in international ecommerce provision.”
Many clients trade in the UK and receive worldwide enquiries but have no provision to expand their websites he explained, citing one client  who had previously sold abroad through eBay rather than through its own website. Due to payment difficulties international sales had stopped but now new markets, particularly in Australia are opening up again.
“Any businesses looking to trade internationally will benefit from our involvement with this programme,” said Peter. “People can have an international website at an affordable price.”
The programme has received funding from the Regional Growth Fund by Peninsula Enterprise, in partnership with UK Trade and Investment.

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