Regualr website maintenance

Why Do I Need A Website Maintenance Contract?

Think of your website as your family car!

You buy your car and you use it daily to drive to the shops, to and from work, go out at the weekend and perhaps a few times a year you go on long trips further afield.

During this time your car is adding mileage and you are wearing down various parts within the cars mechanics and electrics.

You book your car in for a service once a year and they change the oil, air filter, spark plugs and possibly you may need new brake pads and tyres every other year.

Then of course there are the niggly little issues that happen as you add mileage to your vehicle – that annoying rattle coming from the back left corner, one of the electric windows stops working or perhaps you notice your exhaust is blowing and therefore you book it in to be fixed.

This is all second nature to anyone that owns and drives a car regularly and you should think of your website in a similar way.

You purchase your website and it gets set live and off it goes – people come and visit your website over the coming weeks and months; think about this as adding mileage to your website like you do when you drive your car.

Over time your website requires periodic updates (think of this like your car service), and during these updates apart from the standard oil and filter change there may be a few other more in-depth updates that are required – your tyre or brake pad changes.

As the website life progresses and more customers come and use it and add ‘mileage’ to it then certain niggles may appear – remember that annoying rattle that started in your car? On a website this is often due to developments in programming language or new versions of software and your website will be less compatible with these new updates.

As time progresses certain aspects of your website may start failing – remember that passenger electric window that suddenly stopped working for no reason – you would not hesitate to take your car into a garage to get the window fixed so it did not let in the rain and it’s the same on your website. As time progresses certain plugins or modules can fail and need upgrading or fixing and therefore you would need to go back to your website designer or programmer for this fix.

So like your family car a website also needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and to its optimum performance.

Like many other agencies we offer monthly website maintenance contracts to help keep your website running smoothly as well as taking on one time fixes for both our present clients and new customers – give us a call for a freindly chat if you would like to know more.

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