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Exclusive Radio

A very exciting project that involved setting up several websites and app development to run over 500 unique radio stations and stream to Apple and Android devices.


App Development


Audio Streaming

design concepts

This project spanned several years and Insignia Creative were involved from the very beginning to help realise this ambitious project.

From the very start we were asked to scope out the whole project and see if the idea could actually be delivered and what sort of technology would be required.

Our wide experience across both web and app development was pushed to the limit and beyond as we developed the idea alongside the customer and his team.

app development

The initial plan was to deliver over 500 unique radio stations in a simple and functional environment across mobile devices.

We designed and developed Apple and Android mobile apps that could stream the stations and also feed through to car audio devices so music could be streamed on the move.

The apps also provided push notifications for immediate updates on new stations or music available as well working seamlessly across Wifi and 3/4G connections.


With 3 seperate apps created for differing markets across the world we backed these up with 3 unique websites that not only advertised the apps and linked to downloads but we also created an in-browser radio player so radio streaming could be done online through the websites whilst sat browsing the internet.

We also developed a redundancy system to make sure the apps and websites remained online no matter what the eventuality. This redundancy system involved tapping into our server and hosting knowledge with daily auto backups taking place and full monitoring for downtime and auto switching to back up servers.

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