case study

CV Check

Your business website is your shop window to possibly millions of viewers and therefore should portray your business, services and products in a professional and appealing way.

Having built CV Check’s website many years ago it was well past time for a revamp and we were very pleased that they came back to us for the third time to revisit the website.

Website Design

a fresh new website

CV Check wanted a new website that looked more professional, show cased their services alongside relevant stock photography but was not fussy.

stock photography

Where possible we try to use a clients own photography or arrange for a photographic shoot as often stock photography looks staged and fake.

The budget was not available for a photoshoot so we have tried to use stock imagery that works well with the design and services being offered by CV Check.

mobile website

An important factor and one missing from the previous website was that it showed correctly across all devices from desktop to mobile.

CV Check logo