Social media animation

Social Media Animation and Video Advert Creation

We love being challenged to create new and different designs and coming up with new advertising ideas for our customers is why we have so many long term clients.

Over the past few months we have been working hard to create new and innovative social media adverts and posts for our client Pet Remedy to help create sales and interactions.

One of the most recent creations is ‘Spot The Dog’ who we have animated and voiced to help sell the Pet Remedy Luxury Bandanas.

Spot is making waves across Facebook and Instagram gaining popularity and driving sales which both us and Pet Remedy are really pleased with.

Here are some of the other animations and adverts we have created to help boost social media sales for Pet Remedy.

We can help your business producing social media graphics, animations and videos that help drive sales for your business, its services or products – give us a call now to discuss your ideas.

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